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Leaving Our Footprint

Core Values

On August 8, 2021, Living Our Legacy was founded. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering and providing insight, direction and pathways, for those in underserved communities, to follow our lead, by using their voices, fulfilling their passion, dreaming big, and gaining insight in the creation of a lifelong legacy footprint. 

The meaning behind the name and our cause was to instill a part of history and make an impact at the same time. It was often said that our Founder possessed a certain quality in life, and she always referenced what was instilled in her from her legacies, which included her mother, grandmother and aunt. It was important for her to pass down these ideas, values and traditions, as a way to show each of our youth, that your footprint, character, integrity and choices are a chance to create and leave a legacy.

Inclusion - We promote and encourage safe places for youth and children to learn, so that they can integrate into the community, regardless of their abilities, backgrounds, gender, beliefs and needs so they may enjoy the same life experiences as others.

Empowerment - We provide resources that help youth and children lead fulfilling and productive lives. We encompass, encourage and help our youth and children and support them to become stronger and more confident contributors to society.


Compassion - We show and teach kindness, consideration and a committed willingness to help each other with our support. We display ongoing warmth, love and empathy and encourage others to demonstrate the same sense of sincerity.


Causes - Youth Development Programs, Youth & Children, Education, Financial Stewardship, Economic/Entrepreneurship Development, Mental Health Awareness, Empowerment, Physical Well Being

In the Classroom



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